Interactive Security


Moderation - Media

Interactive Security's most common service for media providers is monitoring of article comments. The monitoring of forums, blogs, Twingly blogs, pictures and movies are also included in many of our projects. We carry out both post-moderation and pre-moderation.

In projects from media providers, legal and ethical press issues are the obvious notion at hand. In addition to this, in a project we always act based on the client's guidelines and we see to it that there is always a close and ongoing dialogue about these. A small team works with each respective client.

Interactive Security offers monitoring 24 hours a day, all year round. Our model from which we work means that the client pays for the extent that the work involves, while we also provide frequent checks. Interactive Security adapts solutions based on your website's size and interactivity level. It is therefore not a problem to even use us for small projects.

Interactive Security trains its staff in cooperation with Fojo, The Institute for Continuous education training of journalists. Training is carried out continuously surrounding law and ethical press issues. Providing services with a high level of competence is of utmost importance.