Interactive Security


Moderation - Social Media

On all social interactive mediums, problems arise in the form of harassment, racism, threats, copyright infringement and more. This is regardless of whether a site is for children, young people or adults. On websites for children and young people, paedophiles are a recurring problem.

In our projects with social interactive mediums, we handle complaints about material that breaches terms of use. We also carry out routine searches and check pictures and movies. We even moderate chat rooms. A small team works with each client to gain optimal knowledge of their services and guidelines. In projects it is common for Interactive Security to also manage user support and customer service.

Interactive Security carries out projects every day, all year round. Monitoring is also carried out 24 hours a day throughout the year. Our model from which we work means that the client pays for the extent that the work involves. Interactive Security adapts solutions based on your website's size and activity level. It is therefore not a problem for even small organisations to use us, as cost is an afterthought compared to what you gain.

Interactive Security currently moderates many company Facebook pages. Usually it can be difficult to moderate comments on Facebook because they stem from old messages, yet with our self-developed interface we have full control. We can also deal with moderation of Instagram, Twitter and all the other Social media.

Our employees have very extensive experience working with social interactive mediums and are trained by e.g. the national police force surrounding issues like paedophilia and racism./p>