Interactive Security


Secure process with Interactive Security


With Interactive Security as an external partner your organisation gains effective management of your whistleblower function.

Interactive Security has a complete process, which is used in all projects today. Each project is managed by a small team. With our service called Whistleblower, our clients gain the following:

  • Receipt of reports. Reports are registered and then submitted to the client.
  • Available 24 hours a day, all year round.
  • Possibility to make reports via telephone, e-mail or via an encrypted form.
  • Own telephone number and own mail address.
  • Reporting occurs immediately upon reported matters, and in the form of a monthly report.

We can manage Whistleblower in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and English.

We name them as the following services:

  • Whistleblower Denmark
  • Whistleblower Finland
  • Whistleblower Norway
  • Whistleblower Sweden
  • Whistleblower United Kingdom
  • Whistleblower USA

We offer this service at a fixed price per month.

Complete confidentiality and integrity is a given in our projects.

For further information, take contact with Anders Östling, or +46 340 622 998.