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Whistleblower - about whistleblowing

The purpose of a whistleblowing system is to detect any serious irregularities in the workplace. It is intended as tool to be able to express suspicion of persons in positions of leadership or in key positions. It should be about irregularities and anomalies, such as corruption, misconduct and breach of professional secrecy.

To have a whistleblowing function can have a deterrent effect, because it shows that you take the issue of irregularities seriously. The function increases the opportunity to give the organisation a chance to deal with the issue internally, instead of whistler choosing to go with it to the media or social media.

Whistleblowing is often regarded as a right for employees to report abuses. Often a third party are used to receive reports, to better anonymise the notifier. The whistleblower has message security, yet the possibility to be anonymous when making the report is nonetheless still recommended.